The Overlord® Overseer: Important Notice

Effective June 20, 2014, we are no longer developing and supporting the Overseer in its current form, after the 7.1 release, due to its dependence on outdated development tools and technology.

The existing 7.1 and prior versions will continue to function.

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss available alternatives to the Overseer (from HP and third-party vendors), or encourage us to develop a future cross-platform GUI monitor/analyzer to replace the Overseer. (Our best ideas frequently come from our customers and others interested in our solutions.)

The Overlord® Overseer

Save Time Managing Your hp NonStop® Systems

Explore Current and Historical NonStop System Performance Data while Monitoring Your Systems
The Overseer: A Very Low-Overhead Graphical Performance Monitor This hp NonStop systems monitoring tool allows you to view, analyze, and react to performance information about hp NonStop hardware and software. The Overseer automatically gathers and gives you online access to current and historical performance data from multiple sources, without requiring a running Measure or other heavy data-gathering process. Interactively explore and summarize your system's performance -- all from any graphical workstation.
View Your hp NonStop Systems At A Glance Dashboard The Overseer's Dashboard allows operators, system administrators and managers to view any aspect of hp NonStop system performance at a glance. Any number of gauges may be displayed, and their data sources and attributes may be easily selected and changed at any time using drop-down lists.
Focus Quickly on Problems Monitor Monitor and manage any number of CPUs from any number of hp NonStop systems, whether or not they're Expand-connected.  The color of each button gives you a quick view of how "hot" that CPU is, and you can point and click on any CPU to open:
  • Performance Summaries
  • Top Processes and Process Details
  • Dynamic Graphs
Easily Produce Historical Graphs and Reports Monitor Choose from a variety of powerful graphs and immediately display or print them.  Select and automatically download the data ranges you're interested in, then use the graphing options to create the presentation you desire. You can also easily export the data to another database or reporting tool.
Be More Productive Increase the productivity of your hp NonStop support personnel.  A securities firm states, "The GUI monitor is a great tool for finding the busiest processes with a quick point and click!"
In summary, the Overseer: 
  • Is extremely efficient on hp NonStop systems, with the lowest monitoring overhead in the industry. As much work as possible is done at the workstation rather than on the NonStop hosts.
  • Contains over 15 options for viewing historical data, including bar charts, pie charts and 3-D line graphs.
  • Seamlessly integrates with, but does not require, the Overlord Balancer -- our dynamic load-balancing software.
  • Allows you to connect any number of PCs or workstations to any number of NonStop hosts.
  • Supports many workstation platforms.
  • Has the lowest cost of ownership -- priced per hp NonStop system, not per CPU.
Additional Benefits from Overlord: 
  • Free support while in evaluation
  • On-site installation and support available
  • Seamless interface to all hp NonStop products
  • Seamless interface to Alliance members' software and your own applications
  • Early integration of new hp NonStop performance and subsystem information
  • Lowest maintenance charges in the industry
  • Unlimited telephone and internet support
Contact your Overlord distributor at 1-800-255-1436 (or 1-847-767-3070), or visit us at for more information on products and services to help you manage your hp NonStop environment. 

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