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Overlord Enterprises, Inc. is the premier developer of systems management, performance monitoring, automatic load balancing, capacity planning, and graphical analysis and reporting software for hp (Hewlett Packard, previously Compaq, previously Tandem) NonStop computer systems.

In the mid 1980's we began research on automatic processor selection and dynamic load balancing for Tandem computer systems, as manual balancing within Tandem NonStop systems was becoming difficult and ineffective.

Product Introductions

1990 ANBS v2 Release of the first sophisticated automatic load balancing, tuning, and performance monitoring software available for Tandem systems: the Overlord Automatic Network Balancing System v2 (version 1 was never publicly marketed).

Since then, we have been steadily improving and extending our software products, focusing on efficiency, performance and reliability.

1992 ANBS v3 Overlord ANBS v3 released, which added processor pooling, automatic avoidance of resource shortages (which was a boon to companies running out of Process Control Blocks), centralized priority management, and interactive terminal-based CPU and process performance monitoring.
1993 ANBS v4 Overlord ANBS v4 was released for D-series systems, which introduced more sophisticated balancing, more detailed performance monitoring, access to new (D-series) NonStop kernel counters, and automatic avoidance of virtual memory segment shortages.
1994 ANBS v4.1 Enhancements prevent arithmetic overflows on extremely busy systems.
1995 ANBS v5
Overlord GUI v5
Release of ANBS v5, extending our traditional capabilities in many directions, while adding a platform-independent Graphical User Interface for performance monitoring.
1997 ANBS v5.1
Overlord GUI v5.1
Improved Balancer responsiveness; improved configuration and logging; new Online Help for Balancer and GUI; improved status, event, and error messages; more administrative control over who can make configuration changes; user interface and GUI configuration improvements; new Top Processes and Process Detail views; the ability to export historical data; a few minor bug fixes.
1998 Balancer v6
Overseer v5.1
Version 6 of the Balancer introduced Native Mode versions, and additional flexibility and power. Overseer is the new name for the now-separately-available Overlord GUI (performance monitor). Significant new features: fault tolerance (now runs as a true NonStop process pair); more capabilities and flexibility in configuration and rules; separate thresholds for high-PIN and low-PIN PCBs; improved balancing decisions when multiple CPUs have already exceeded multiple thresholds; improved log contents; improved ability to automatically detect processes that "must" run in a specific CPU (overrideable, of course); more consistency in the appearance and behavior of the "dumb-terminal" performance monitors; workarounds for some bugs in early versions of the Tandem D-series kernel.
1999 Balancer v6.1C1
Overseer v5.1
Improved efficiency, availability, and reliability; simpler installation and configuration; more flexible rules; improved messages; improved documentation.
2001 Balancer v6.1C3
Overseer v5.1
General improvements; better documentation; improved behavior in monitors running under unusual circumstances; improved active rule/configuration updater; no more need for a home terminal.

These are the current stable versions of Balancer and Overseer, for all hp NonStop D-series and G-series systems.

2005 Balancer v6.2
Overseer v6.2
Balancer v6.2, released early in 2005, adds support for wild cards in program rules, and provides several other minor changes to handle infrequently-encountered execution issues, and to further improve performance. This is expected to be the last release in the v6 series.

Overseer v6.2, released January 2004, resolves some memory-consumption issues encountered by customers who did not have sufficient KMSF space allocated, and improves the user interface in a few minor ways. This is expected to be the last Overseer release in the v6 series.

2009-2010 Balancer v7.1 Balancer v7.1, released in late 2009 and early 2010, supports direct interception of Native mode Guardian creators on TNS/E systems. (Earlier versions used workarounds to handle those creators -- see the release notes for specifics.)
2018 Balancer v7.2 Balancer v7.2, released in October of 2018, is a general maintenance release, applicable to all Overlord Balancer (and/or HPE Automatic Process Balancer) customers. Version 7.2 remedies all reported and discovered problems and weaknesses in earlier versions of the Overlord Balancer, and in the (no longer available) HPE Automatic Process Balancer (APB), which it fully and compatibly replaces.

The Future

We are actively developing the next version of the Balancer, tentatively named v8, which will introduce some exciting new features, including significantly easier installation, reduced process creation time, and direct native mode support for Guardian and OSS.

As Overlord Enterprises, Inc. develops and deploys new and improved solutions, we will continue to strive for maximum performance from your hardware, software, and systems personnel. We are committed to providing the very best solutions to keep your critical systems and applications up and running at optimum performance.

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You can learn more about our software products by going to our Overlord Software pages.

If you have questions or desire additional information, please write to info at overlord.com -- we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. (We respect your privacy..) You can find other ways of contacting us on our Contacts page.

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