The Overlord® Balancer

Automatic Load Balancing and Priority Management Software for hp NonStop® Systems

Unleash the Power of Your NonStop Systems
 Instantly Improve Response Time and Transaction Throughput
   Do You Want Your Systems Running Like This... 
Summary Graph -- Before People place demands on your systems at various times.  Transactions arrive unpredictably.  Workloads vary and interact in unplanned ways.  Most NonStop systems cannot be manually balanced and tuned in anticipation of these continually changing demands.  This leads to bottlenecks, over- and under-utilized CPUs and contention for other system resources.  The workload on your systems is further complicated by planned or unplanned outages, hardware and software upgrades or other changes. 
                ...Or Like This? Summary Graph -- After With the Overlord Balancer installed, processes are automatically distributed to avoid contention and prevent bottlenecks, providing the best possible performance of your applications.  All processes become more responsive.  Reduce the number of complaints, support calls and hours spent balancing your systems.  The Balancer requires no human intervention or application modifications. 

Save significant time and effort when your environment changes due to outages, hardware and software upgrades, migrations or system consolidations.  The Balancer automatically responds to these situations and continues to provide maximum performance.  Avoid the need to manually rebalance your workload when changes are made.

Let the Overlord Balancer make your life easier!  Handle more transactions in the same amount of time!  Improve application response time!  Reduce batch turnaround time!   Increase overall system availability!
Centralized or Distributed Priority Management Intelligently managing process priorities is one of the most effective ways to improve application performance.  Let the Overlord Balancer make it easy to enforce the priority rules you establish.  The Balancer can override priorities specified elsewhere, giving you a single place to set and change your priority standards.
 Customer Comments The Overlord customer base includes companies from every major NonStop industry.  Our customers have saved significant time and money by employing the Overlord Balancer to work for them. A major retailer says, "Overlord eliminated the manual effort to balance all new processes, thereby cost justifying it." A government contractor comments, "Purchasing the Overlord product enabled us to channel system administration resources into other productive projects." A leading manufacturer states, "Without the Balancer, we would have needed to purchase more hardware to get the same amount of work done." A bank adds, "Process response time has been reduced. We were able to cost justify the Balancer simply from a staffing time allocation perspective -- the time that would be required to monitor those environments (in order to provide the level of service agreed upon with our clients) versus allowing Overlord to handle those issues." 
Overlord Support Services Overlord boasts the lowest maintenance cost in the industry, reducing your on-going, annual software maintenance expenses.  Training is easy with our PC-based installation and on-line help facility.  Evaluators and customers receive free telephone and internet support.  As one customer states, "We had our system manager learn the product hands-on with Overlord's technical staff and then he trained the rest of the staff with on-the-job training."  Another states, "Our senior staff members were available to mentor, when required, which was rare as the utility is simple to use."  Additional customized Technical Services are available to suit your specific needs.
Free Evaluation on Your Own System(s) Overlord will work with you to evaluate the Balancer's capabilities in your own production or test environment.  It is extremely easy to install -- it usually takes less than an hour to begin seeing results -- and can be implemented without interrupting subsystems or applications. 
Software and hp NonStop Systems Supported The Overlord Balancer works with hp NonStop and third party software, as well as your own applications. No software changes are required.  the Balancer is available for all current and former (C-series and later) NonStop Kernel versions. 
Unleash The Power of Your NonStop Systems hp NonStop provides an excellent platform for your applications.  Overlord provides the best performance software for NonStop systems.  Together they provide you with power, speed and capabilities you never thought possible.
In summary, the Overlord Balancer: 
  • Increases system and application availability and fault tolerance
  • Improves application throughput and response time
  • Maximizes NonStop system performance, with extremely low overhead
  • Provides improved, faster, balanced system recovery after processor failures and planned or unplanned configuration changes
  • Increases the productivity of developers and systems management personnel, reducing system management costs
  • Has lower overhead than any other balancing product on the market. It consumes much less than one percent of one processor, even on heavily-loaded systems
  • Has the lowest cost of ownership -- priced per HP NonStop system, not per CPU
  • Seamlessly integrates with the the Overlord Overseer -- our GUI-based performance monitoring and analysis tool
Additional Benefits from Overlord: 
  • A de facto standard at many HP NonStop sites
  • Free support while in evaluation
  • On-site installation and support available
  • Seamless interface to all NonStop products
  • Seamless interface to Alliance members' software and your own applications
  • Early and comprehensive integration of new NonStop performance and subsystem information
  • Among the lowest maintenance charges in the industry
  • Unlimited telephone and internet support
Contact your Overlord distributor at 1-800-255-1436 (or 1-847-767-3070), or visit us at for more information on products and services to help you manage your NonStop environment. 

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