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Overlord 7.1 pre-Release Updates

October 2009: Version 7.1 Final has been released; please see 7.1 Release Updates.

This page relates only to the two 7.1 pre-Releases; if you're still running a pre-Release, you should obtain the 7.1 Final Release for the improved documentation and other software improvements.

HP APB customers: For support on the pre-release versions, please contact us directly rather than your HP Customer Support Center, or (if you prefer) be sure to explain to HP Customer Support that you're running a pre-release version and ask them to escalate your case to us for Level 2 support.

Be sure to read the Release Notes (on the CD or downloaded distribution), and contact us if you have any questions.

Do I have pre-release 1 or pre-release 2?

The following VPROC information can be used to determine whether the 7.1 release you have is 7.1 pre-release 1 or 7.1 pre-release 2. Contact us if you need assistance or have a combination of VPROCs that differs from these.

 7.1 pre-release 17.1 pre-release 2 and 7.1 final*
BAL :T0000V07_1_BAL_2510_BQcaFS4T0000V07_1_BAL_2573_CAoWESw
BALCPU :T0000V07_1_BALCPU_2504_BQcaFS8T0000V07_1_BALCPU_2504_CAkTAQE
BALDLL :T0000V07_1_BALLIB_2494_BQcaFS8T0000V07_1_BALLIB_2494_CAkTAQE
BALLIB :T0000V07_1_BALLIB_2494_BQcaFS8T0000V07_1_BALLIB_2494_CAkTAQE
BALMON :T0000V07_1_BALMON_2504_BQcaFS8T0000V07_1_BALMON_2504_CAkTAQE
BALUPD :T0000V07_1_BALUPD_2504_BQcaFS8T0000V07_1_BALUPD_2504_CAkTAQE
APB :T0302V07_1_APB_2510_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APB_2573_CAoWESw
APBCPU :T0302V07_1_APBCPU_2504_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APBCPU_2504_CAkTAQE
APBDLL :T0302V07_1_APBLIB_2494_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APBLIB_2494_CAkTAQE
APBLIB :T0302V07_1_APBLIB_2494_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APBLIB_2494_CAkTAQE
APBMON :T0302V07_1_APBMON_2504_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APBMON_2504_CAkTAQE
APBUPD :T0302V07_1_APBUPD_2504_BQcaFS8T0302V07_1_APBUPD_2504_CAkTAQE

* The only difference between 7.1 pre-release 2 and 7.1 final is improved documentation.

Upgrading from 7.1 pre-release 1 to 7.1 pre-release 2

You can upgrade from pre-release 1 to pre-release 2 by replacing only the BAL or APB program with the new one. (The other object files, even though their VPROCs are slightly different, are functionally unchanged.) The documentation has been improved, as well, so you may want to obtain the 7.1 pre-release 2 documentation as well.

Known Problems and Workarounds in Both pre-release 2 and pre-release 1

Known Problems and Workarounds in pre-release 1

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